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Project: I'm Me nonprofit campaign


Commissioned by: I'm Me Organization


Purpose: Raise awareness of the orphan cycle in Haiti


Brief: I started this collaboration project not knowing where it would go and before I knew it, I had raised over 2 grand. All proceeds were donated to I'm Me, a local nonprofit in Dallas, Texas. I'm Me builds orphanages in Haiti for children to continue to strive for developing a sense of community in reunifying family structures. You can read their full story here. My campaign was called "Beautiful Dreams". I associated the idea of an orphaned and innocent child's dreams with the rest of the worlds ideas about family, community and love.Throughout the campaign I also shared my personal experiences as an artist to others in which implemented enrichment in the power of family structure within a child's development. I designed over 50 travel mugs using paint and permanent sharpie markers. Each travel mug is also inspired by the life of the person it was created for thus passing on the idea of "inspire to be inspired".

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